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WP Site Guardian 2017 Review – Your Site is Not Safe Until You Have This

WP Site Guardian 2017 Review 

WP Site Guardian 2017
8.9 Reviewer
- Risk minimizing
- Simple 2-click setup
- Defensively Written WP Plugin
- Update
This WP Site Guardian 2017 Review offers a leading technology that will help you to sit pretty taking money from clients while it’s doing a shoddy job of protecting your websites. Its price will increase after launch day, be an early bird now.
Easy to use9.5

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The fact is, the most common unsolved problem in website security is that there is no software that really works to defend the site against hacking attempts and exploits. Realizing the massive need of the marketers for a proven-to-work security tool, this WP Site Guardian 2017 Review will offer an avant-garde tool to free you from any harmful online attempt.

Exploits are bugs or weakness in programming that exists in more than 10,000 plugins and themes. The number has no sign to stop, while these exploits keep attacking WordPress site. This brand-new technology instead should be the number 1 priority in consideration of using software to protect your website. Once you get to use it, you will be stunned and inspired by how effectively it can work.


WP Site Guardian 2017 Review – Overview



VendorChris Hitman & Michael Thomas
ProductWP Site Guardian 2017
Launch Date2016-Dec-18
Launch Time10:00 EST
Front-End Price$37
Sales Pagehttp://roydigitalreviews.com/getWPSiteGuadian
BonusYes. Click here
RefundYes. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


What is WP Site Guardian 2017?

WP Site Guardian 2017 is a full-featured Web Application Firewall that protects your page from the most popular hacking attacks and exploits. To be more detailed, WP Site Guardian 2017 is an avant-garde plugin that auto detects and notifies the attack attempts via email to finally eliminate any possible danger to your website. This WP Site Guardian 2017 Review will also cover the additional features of the updated version.

  • More powerful intruder detection
  • Fewer false positives
  • More compatibility across hosting platforms
  • Easier installation
  • Upgraded intruder reporting


What are the great features of WP Site Guardian 2017?

  • Auto block exploit hack attempts and ban hacker

WP Site Guardian 2017 is the first and foremost, one and only plugin that monitors and blocks hacking behaviors. Thus, it is 100% recommended in my WP Site Guardian 2017 Review as an excellent anti-exploit plugin. In the circumstances that suspicious activity is detected, the IP is instantly blocked, and the hacker is banned. This mechanism prevents the exploit from executing and degrades all further hacking attempts.

  • Block attack even if you have vulnerable plugin

WP Site Guardian 2017 is equipped with a pioneering technology to block behavior and emails you the hack attempt information as soon as possible. You may never know if your site is at risk as there used to be no way of getting notified of the risk plugin or update that your page may already be using. However, with WP Site Guardian 2017, this possibility cannot happen because the plugin focuses on hacker activity, not the vulnerability.

  • Defensively written WordPress plugin

WP Site Guardian 2017 can block XSS, SQL, Header and Directory Exploits. Also, it is compatible with WP 4.x, which ensures its excellent performance. In other words, WP Site Guardian 2017 is designed to thoroughly defend your site against any popular exploit or hacking attack. The best part is, it sends you instant hacking alerts so that you know how to get away with the harmful attempts as soon as possible


How does it work?

As demonstrated in my WP Site Guardian 2017 Review, this software is a complete automation system. All you have to do is install it, activate it and then forget it.


Price and How to buy it?

  • WP Site Guardian 2017 Front-End at $37
  • All the featured are specified above.
  • WP Site Guardian 2017 Developer at $37 (yearly recurring)
  • Additional pro-active protection
  • Ability to scan all your themes and plugins every day and compare these with a real-time active database of known vulnerability
  • Connection to a real time known scumbag list
  • Update of HTACCESS on daily basis
  • WP Site Guardian 2017 Shields Up at $37
  • Ability to make your site run in stealth mode, which clears all critical information that WP broadcasts
  • Ability to reduce the risk of hack attacks by up to 95%
  • WP Site Guardian 2017 Security Audit at $37
  • Ability to specifically address security oversights
  • Comprehensive overview of your site security and how to upgrade the site even if you are a no-brainer

Visit its official sales page here for more information

Why should you buy it?

  • Risk minimizing

By removing both harmful users and exploits, you can significantly reduce the possibility of getting hacked. In fact, WP Site Guardian 2017 is the only plugin on the market that provides active protection against current and future exploits as it analyzes the visitor behavior rather than the attack code. Using WP Site Guardian 2017, you are guaranteed to be problem-free with the software.

  • Simple 2-click setup

My WP Site Guardian 2017 Review marks this software to be 10 out of 10 for its user-friendly functionality. Once you install it and activate it, you have got everything done to spike up the security for your website. WP Site Guardian 2017 work with exceptional quality while maintaining the simplicity of the interface.

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WP Site Guardian review – Conclusion

As proven in this WP Site Guardian  Review, this amazing software tool is everything you will ever need in your marketing toolbox. Simply get to use it by 2 simple steps and experience the highest level of security for your website. Thank you for reading my WP Site Guardian 2017 Review.

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WP Site Guardian 2017 Review – Your Site is Not Safe Until You Have This
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