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100 SEO terms you need to know in 2017

Hello everyone, welcome to my site!

You are a pro or you are a newbie, you think you known all SEO term.

I bet that certainly there is some time that you read the article or hear people talk about a term in SEO but you do not know exactly what that word means. Sure?

So, today, I want to show you all SEO definitions from basic to advanced that I synthesize, research many articles to help you answer the “embarrassment” when you see a new SEO term.

I will show you  SEO term in order from A – Z!

Let ‘s start!

1) 301: Move Permanently
This means that the site or page you are trying to reach has been redirected to another destination. For example, you tried to access mangafox.com but automatically redirected to mangafox.me (you can try it).
Unlike 302 redirects, the 301 redirect will transmit the entire link juice of the website redirecting to the redirected website

2) 400: Bad Request
This means that the server you are trying to access can not be run at this time, the current data is being altered, which means it does not follow the HTTP protocol at this time.
Therefore, users should edit or revise the link for accuracy to be able to access the specific link

3) 404: Not Found
This means that the site you are trying to access is not found on that server or website
This happens for a variety of reasons:
It usually content of this page may have been deleted completely or the content has been moved to a new destination but the owner forgot to redirect the link to the current link containing that content

Maybe you have typed the wrong URL.

4) Affiliate Marketing:

This is a form of making money online by selling another product and getting commissions on the number of products you sell.

You do not even have to buy one product at a time, just register to sell. Clickbank is one of the best places to sell information products like Ebooks, online video or audio courses, even 75% commissions per product.

5) Algorithm

Algorithms are programs of the search engine such as Google, Bing, … to give you a solution to answer the question you set for it.
6) Alt text / Alt Tag / Text Attribute

It is a shortened word of Alternate Text.
Alt text is a descriptive part of the search engine and is the HTML of your web page.
Each time you type a search keyword, the corresponding images will be displayed on the SERPs.

But in fact, Google can not see the image so you have to add the alt text because it can read the alt tag to understand what the image says about what content and display the results accordingly. So the next time you insert an image in your post – do not forget to add alt text to the image.

7) Analytics

This is a software that makes it easy to analyze your web pages in one account. It gathers information about incoming traffic on your site, bounce rate, keyword, and all other details of your website.

Google Analytics is a great tool to use to get the actual details of your website and then suggest the direction of website development to match the business strategy.

8) Anchor text

Anchor text is a text that you can click on of a link.

You can see it when you read any article. There is a line or a word that is blue and it has or does not have underscores.

And if you click on it, you will be flying to another site.
Normally you will not know how you will be “moved” to a page because the URL is different from the anchor text. In the HTML code, the anchor text will look like this
<a href=”http://roydigitalreviews.com/blog/” target=”_blank”> Roydigital Review </a>

As you can see above, the URL http://roydigitalreviews.com/blog/ is a URL you will not see, but Roydigital Review is the part you can see and it contains the URL http://roydigitalreviews.com/blog/ in there.
So when you click on the GTV SEO anchor text, you will be teleported to the website URL: http://roydigitalreviews.com/blog

Anchor text is a very important role in SEO top Google. With me, it is one of the HEADS to help me succeed in my SEO projects (1. Anchor text, title, URL, 2. quality backlinks)

9) Authority means Trust. When people search for something and they get to your site – your site gets credited along with their trust (on page SEO). Authority can also be increased when other sites talk about you. (Off page SEO)
10) Authority site

It is one of the most reliable websites. When any site receives many internal links and backlinks, it may be because of the quality of your content or because the reader trusts you; Your site tends to become an Authority Site.
When you get more incoming links from other trusted sites and authority sites, of course, Google will trust your site more.
Authority Hackers website is a great example of this or sites like Wikipedia you can say it is the Big Authority Site.
11) Auctions Domains:

When seeing that many people may think of PBN as well, Auctions Domain are domains that have been owned by someone before, but when the term expires, they will not renew. Because they do not renew that domain name is brought to the auction. Expired domains (old domain names) can be used as a money site or a satellite site.

12) Backlinks

Backlinks simply mean getting links pointing to your site. It is also called another name is Inbound Link. When other sites provide links to your site on their blogs or simply website, Google will trust you more.

The more backlinks you have, the more reliable and relevant you are, the better chance you get in the SERPs. Backlinks are one of the most important factors when optimizing your search engine.
13) Bing

Bing.com is another search engine owned and operated by Microsoft.
14) Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO means practicing unethical SEO principles. In this method, website owners do not follow any proper search engine guidelines that they use every way just to rank on the SERPs and are not interested in website traffic or branding. And the income of the page (You can think of as SEO is the law, and black hat SEO is the illegal method to rank top Google)

If Google or any other search engine detects such sites, they can be “closed” forever (it mean the site will never appear on Google anymore)

15) Blog

A blog is a part of your website where you post many types of content that may or may not be related to your domain.

A blog helps you generate more traffic to your site so it helps you rank better in search engine results.

Just make sure that your blog content is relevant to your domain and that you publish the right content
16) Bookmark

The bookmark is a good sign that users have saved your site or any link to your site on their browser for future reference.

That means they like content on that particular link that wants to use it later in the future.

17) Bounce Rate

This is the percentage of visitors to your site and then quickly discarded after sticking with just one page.

It means they quickly exit or return to the search engine. So if the higher the bounce rate then the lower the chance of getting in top Google, because this is a google signal that shows you site is or not quality to the user.

And conversely, the lower the Bounce Rate, the more chances are for your site to rank high in Google

So keep them on your site for a long time by posting great content or by offering quality products with good features and attractive prices.
18) Broken Links

Broken link is generated when you:

Type incorrect URL or when the site has changed their domain or hosting does not currently work. This causes the user to click on the link to be redirected to a 404 site, a page is no longer active.
Brand anchor text

This means that you are using your company’s URL or brand name in Anchor text. If your site is roydigitalreviews.com then Branded Anchor text is http://roydigitalreviews.com, roydigitalreviews.com, http://roydigitalreviews.com/ even www.roydigitalreviews.com.

19) Cache

Cache or ‘Web Cache’ is a copy of web documents such as HTML Tags or Images or any other material of webpages that you have visited, stored and used when using Google search. It can also be stored on your external hard drive.
So, when you revisit those pages, the search engine uses a cache to load web pages faster, reduce bandwidth usage, and reduce the load on the server, as well as to prioritize the site. Example next time you want to read 100 SEO definitions, you can see roydigitalreviews.com on top 1 of Google. It is great. Right?
20) Canonical Link / Tag

Canonical Link helps search engines prevent duplicate content from ranking them on search engines.

The Canonical Tag is a classic card added to duplicate content pages to ensure that it does not rank on the original content. It’s similar to 301 redirects, ranking (SEO) pages with duplicate content replaced with (navigate to) main content.
21) Call to Action (CTA)

CTA means that you are asking or making a visitor take an action, such as a purchase, click on a link, subscribe to an email list by providing their email. You will want your CTA to be clear and effective.

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they become “too obvious” by every page I visit to see them pop up damn constantly and ask me to enter email – I HATE THIS!
22) Click Bait

Click Bait is a technique used by bloggers or content creators to make the user want to click on the link they have provided.

By being able to name their article a provocative title or in a mysterious way, the user wants to know what will happen next and finish by clicking on the link you provided.

The main purpose is to attract attention and attract more traffic to their site to make money or build a brand.
23) Cloaking

Cloaking is an act that causes content to be displayed to the reader differently than search engine content (in this case, Google). As Google reads A, the reader sees B.

Cloaking is widely used in Black Hat SEO. If caught by Google, the site may be penalized or may be banned completely.
24) Content

This is a piece of information published on a website to the user. It can be an art, image, document, or article.
25) Content Management Systems – CMS

Content Mangement System, widely known as CMS is a software application that allows many users with or without enough knowledge, to share a place and post their content.

For example User A does not know anything about technical and ancillary tools such as Code or HTML but still likes to write. So User A might be involved in an open source CMS software or application, and all he has to do is write some nice content and let the software do magic in it. Both ancillary tools, and then he can publish it on the site.

WordPress is one of the best examples of an open source CMS software.

26) Conversions

Conversion is widely known not only in SEO but also in marketing and business. It means converting a visitor into a customer and hoping to become a loyal customer. It can be done through different options such as
Register to receive mail, purchase, receive e-books, receive bonuses,…
27) Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who convert into customers, or the percentage of traffic that converts into a loyal customer.
28) Cookie

A web cookie or browser cookie is a small data file stored on the browser. It primarily stores all your data and information about your credentials, shopping cart, credit card, password, website preferences, and more.

So whenever you visit the same server as the same site anymore, you do not have to enter the details anymore. The web cookie will automatically do it for you.
29) Cost Per Click – CPC

Just like with Pay Per Click, CPC means that whenever a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays an amount to the publisher who is the site owner.

This is an advertising model to attract traffic to websites through advertising.
30) Cost per Thousand – CPM

CPM is a marketing term. Advertisers pay a certain amount of money to publishers based on 1000 ad impressions generated. The “M” in the CPM represents the Roman numerals for 1,000.
31) Crawler
A web crawler, also known as a bot or spider, is an automated program on the World Wide Web, indexing data or structuring it. And Crawl is what you tell the crawler to index the data or structure for the URL you want.
32) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

CSS is a term in the code used to describe different parts of your site – how it will look, structure and flow of the site, …
33) Content Spinning – Spin Content

Spin Content means using an existing text content and replacing it with a paragraph in which the words will be replaced by synonyms.
Do not ever do this on money site or PBN, because it leaves footprint, and in some cases, you will be considered as a spam link.
34) CopyWriting

Is a sales letter. One of the strengths of the website is that instead of having to hire a large number of sales people, your website can do the job for you.
35) CPA (Cost per action)

CPA is another way of making money from an affiliate, where you get paid based on an act that helps the beneficial owner or the owner. It may be that every time you put a link to someone’s email and register, you get money from it.
36) Cpanel

A form of web system software that helps you manage your website easily and install WordPress.

37) Deep Link

Deep Link is a link that redirects you directly to a specific page and not to the main page or home page of that site.
Eg, as you are teleported to a specific page like roydigitalreviews.com/blog, instead of the homepage, is roydigitalreviews.com.

Deep Link is good for SEO purposes as search engines tend to trust such sites more and help them rank better.
38) Dedicated Server

A Dedicated Server is a server that you rent entirely and it will separate from the hosting server. It is dedicated to you and will not share it with any other customer or company like Share Hosting
39) Directory

The Directory page here is an online site with various topics and domains categorized. The best example is entireweb, Dmoz, … When you sign up for this site it is like Citation, which will help you rank better in SERPs and especially Google Maps.

40) Disavow Backlinks

Disavow means to deny something. If you do not want any backlinks or backlinks to come from any specific site, you can notify Google and will not include that specific link on your SERPs ranking scale.

Because backlinks are so important to any website, bad backlinks can be created (possibly by you doing it on your own hand or by having bad backlinks on you) so you should report backlinks to Google. This and refuse it so Google does not “think bad” about you.
41) Domain name

The Domain is the unique name of your website. You can buy it from any different domain provider.
You can check out all the top domain registrars below – these are the places I usually register my domain name and get a good review.
42) DA – Domain Authority

DA is one of the scales that can be used to evaluate the trust or strength of a website for Google. This scale is generated by Moz, which you can view by accessing the open site explorer or the Moz toolbar.
43) DR – Domain Rating

Similar to DA but this scale is created by Ahrefs (of course the scoring will be different but generally showing some role)
45) Duplicate content

A duplicate content means that a content has completely overlapped or that a large part of it has overlapped with a certain content on the internet.
Pages like these are not highly trusted by Google so they will not rank higher on the SERPs.
46) E-commerce site
Is a site where they sell their products or other people’s online (eg Lazada, Amazon,…)
47) External Links

External links are links that when clicked, you are redirected to another site.
48) FootPrint

Footprint is one of the repetitive signs that cause google birth and can penalize you. One example of that footprint is your PBN / satellite host on the same hosting. You can better understand the footprint here
49) Fiverr

One of the largest outsourcing services in the world for all industries but starting at just $ 5. Those who outsource it are called Gigs, and the better Gigs are rated and reviewed more.

50) Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world today
51) Google My Business

This is where you register Google for your business, Help to pull part of the traffic to your website

To succeed in google map google, the first basic is that you have to register google my business and create web citation, have an exactly phone (address), address and name (business name).

52) GSA

A tool dedicated to link building is widely known as well as used in many SEO worlds.
53) Gray Hat SEO

If black hat SEO is illegal technique and is not liked by Google, you will die if you are discovered, while white hat SEO are the guiding principles of google the gray hat SEO is the phase mixing between a black hat and a white hat does not violate the Google guidelines. PBN (private blog network) is one of these ways.

54) HTML

HTML is the language of the web, for example, when you talk to each other in English and French, one of the web languages ​​that “talk” to each other is HTML.
55) Headings

Heading (H) is the title of the article page you are displaying in the form of H1, H2 tags with the type of font usually larger than normal to be able to attract attention.
56) Hidden text

This is a process/technique for hiding the text of a website such as white writing on a white background so ordinary users will not see it.

This violates Google’s SEO principles so if you get caught, you will have a big problem.
57) Hosting

If the website acts as a house, hosting is like the “land” of your website.
58) Impressions

This is a term that is talked about in marketing, not SEO. Impressions are a number of impressions to web users. One view = One impression.

59) Inbound Link

Inbound links are like backlinks, which are links from other websites to your site.
60) Index

Index means adding a website to the search results on the search engine so that customers can find your website when they search.
61) Internal Link

If the inbound link is a link from another website to your website, the internal link is the link to your website and if the user clicks on it, they will be moved to another part of your site.
62) Keyword

The keyword is the words that a user types on the search engine to find out about a certain topic. For example, a person who wants to do SEO services, they will go to Google and type: “SEO services” to search for information and cooperate company.

Keywords can be long or short, depending on the “most professional SEO website service” or simply “SEO service”
If you choose the right keyword and you get to the top it will bring you not only many traffic and many orders as well as your company brand is known to many.
63) Keyword density

Keyword density represents the percentage of times a keyword appears over the entire content. For example, you have 1000 words in SEO 15 times => keyword density = 15/1000 = 1.5%

Keyword density should not be too high nor too low. A moderate keyword density can help you rank better in SERPs
64) Keyword Research

Keyword research is an in-depth and selective research of the keywords that you think are best to write and begin to set the keywords you study.
65) Keyword spam

This is an act of deliberately repeating the keyword repeatedly in the article and of course it is not good at all.
66) Keyword Stuffing

This action is similar to keyword spam, an act of cramming unnecessary keywords into the article to “hopefully” Google will rank the keywords that you cram into it.

It may be good but if you do it with a little intensity because otherwise Google can even penalize your website.
67) Landing page

When you click on any link and you go to a page, that page is called the landing page
68) Link

The link is a text (or word) that you can click on. When users click on, they will be redirected to another page that may contain images or posts.
69) Link bait

This is a technique or perhaps an article strategy that targets a large number of traffics to your website and reads and encourages other websites to link to your site (for you). A good example of this “link bait” strategy is how I create this content: “100 SEO terms  and definitions you need to know in 2017”
70) Link building

Link building is a process that helps a website get many good or quality links that can rank higher in the SERPs.

71) Link Farm

This means that a group of websites is linked together, A backlinks B and B backlinks A attempts to “fool” the search engine to rank higher in the SERPs.
72) Link Juice

Link juice is like the power of links that are passed to your website through another website. For example, page A backlinks on page B then the power of these backlinks is called link juice
73) Long Tail Keyword

Long Tail keyword is more than 2 words long. The common and effective method of SEO is that you will try to SEO long keywords because it is easy to get up and then you will have traffic to your website and short keywords with lots of searches will slowly increase.

74) Meta description

The Meta description is a short text (limited to 160 letters) that appears under the title and URL of the SERPs search results.

Many people believe that Meta description has a good effect on search engine results if it contains keywords, some people do not, but I think you should still add keywords (do not spam the whole bunch of keywords in it is dc then)
75) Meta Tags

Meta tags are part of the HTML tags, where Google searches to understand the website content.
76) Meta keywords

Meta keywords are specific tags or keywords used to describe the subject of the article.
77) Money site

A money site is one of your main web pages to attract traffic and then they can buy or click on your ads and you get money from them.
78) Natural link

A natural link is the link that your website has naturally and not intentionally created for you to SEO.
79) No follow

Nofollow is a small code used to remove a link, which serves as a signal to Google that the link is linked to another site but that Google does not follow the link to that page.

Many people believe that no follow link does not affect the SERPs and does not give you any link juice because Google does not follow that link to the linked website, but the truth is Google still Follow but Google will not give more value with a normal do follow link.

There are lots of web 2.0s for you no follow links, such as youtube, but this does not mean the link from youtube has no value at all, but the truth is the opposite but it will not be as valuable as a do follow link.
80) Noindex

Noindex is an HTML and it means that search engines do not index the pages.
81) Off page SEO

Off page, SEO is one of the techniques that helps website owners get quality, relevant backlinks to help rank higher in search results. Off page SEO not only includes link building as people often think but also social share, social bookmarking and of course in SEO ways, I often pay attention to off page SEO, namely, link building most
82) On page SEO: (Optimal on page)
On page, SEO is the technique that helps website owners optimize their website for the search engine. This is done by techniques such as optimizing keyword density, optimizing the title, website structure (one of the most effective structures today is Silo) and above all, designing for eye-catching content. And easily shared on social networks. You can see the techniques and elements that affect on the page through my video.
83) Outbound Link

Outbound links are links on the site when the user clicks in redirected to another domain.
84) PA (Page Authority)

Is another Moz scale, which measures the strength and reputation of that particular page on the web (specific URL).

85) Page Rank

Is a Google index to measure the strength and reputation of that page in google eyes. This is an old index and Google did not show it as well as update it in 2016
86) PBN (Private blog network)

PBN is your websites created or earned to create super-backlink to your website. This is also one of the link building strategies I like most.

87) Panda
Google Panda is a Google update that helps Google lower the rank of low-quality web pages with bad content (articles with few words) and increase the ranking of websites with high-quality content.
88) Penalties

Google applies websites that do not follow webmaster guidelines and tries to manipulate search results by lowering their rank in the SERP or by banning forever.
89)  Penguin
Another Google algorithm update string focused on Checking Anchor text, URLs and “bad neighborhoods” – bad backlinks and spam to the website.

90) Research tools

Ahrefs, MajesticSEO, SEMRush, LinkResearchTools and RegisterCompass are the tools that I love and use to research and use when making SEO.
91) RSS Feed

It means Really Simple Syndication. A user can subscribe to this option to get the latest updates and notifications from the site. RSS is also a way (technique) that I use to automate backlinks to improve my reputation and even top google rank in just a few days.
92) Reciprocal Link

It is a phenomenon where two websites decide to link one another to achieve a ranking in the search results. (A backlink B and B backlink A)

93) Sandbox

Sandbox is another index created by Google, where they rank your link (Url or even website) as standby.

94) SERPs (Search engine result page)

SERPs are the acronym for Search Engine Results Page that refers to the search results pages (Google, Yahoo, Bing ..) that return when someone performs a search query to the search engines. This search engine.
95) Sitemap

A Sitemap is a structured page or document that helps search engines or webmasters know about the proper traffic and structure of a website to help them index and rank better in the SERP.
96) Spider (Crawler, Bot, Robot)

Google spider is a special software that crawls a web page, analyzes it, and sends it back to Google to help them index the page and sort it accordingly.

97) Traffic

Traffic is the visitors and activity on your site. The higher traffic is also a signal that helps you get better results in the SERPs.
98) Trust rank

Is a hidden scale of Google created to evaluate a reputable site or not. You can watch my videos talk about Trust rank and how to increase the Trust rank for the site.

99) Web 2.0

Any site where content is built primarily by encouraging users to have their own pages. The first example included MySpace and YouTube.

Or right now some of the biggest Web 2.0 are Facebook and Twitter. Web 2.0 has the advantage that it is easier to SEO than a new website normally because it has a degree of credibility is not small with the search engine.
100) White Hat SEO

In contrast to Black hat SEO, white hat SEO is a technique that complies with the laws that Google has set that website owners apply to help SEO in a sustainable way.


These are are SEO term I research and synthesize articles online.

I hope it will help a lot of for you – especially for newbie.

If you have questions you can comment below. I will try to reply you soon.

Thank you for read my article!

100 SEO terms you need to know in 2017
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