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CPA Marketing- What you don’t know about CPA

Hello everyone, welcome to my site!

You want to be a CPA marketer or you heard “CPA” in somewhere?

You have trouble when registering the CPA network?

You don’t know how to promote your offer?

Today, I will solve these problems for you.

What is CPA marketing? What are different between CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing?

CPA stand for COST PER ACTION. You are paid whenever someone completes an offer whether it is a sale or lead using your referral link. There are many CPA companies out there that are seeking to attract new customers, clients, or leads. These include from the biggest corporations – such as credit card companies, banks, and even automobile makers – to the smallest of the small businesses, such as your local auto repair shop or Amazon Kindle authors.

All of these businesses want … no, they NEED … a constant supply of fresh customers to respond to their offers – whether it’s signing up for a new credit card, attending a seminar to learn more about a vacation home opportunities, or test driving a new car. And they are willing to pay for these leads in the form of Cost-Per-Action.

If you have gotten your feet wet with online marketing in the past, you probably are familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing.

CPA marketing is sort of like affiliate marketing on steroids. But with CPA, you don’t have to find people to BUY anything. All you need to do is convince them to DO something … usually something they already are online looking to do anyway! You just got somebody to do something as simple as giving their email address or signing up for a free offer.

Now, to make money with CPA you need to join CPA network.

What is CPA network?

CPA network is a middleman, connecting publishers (you) and advertisers (companies) together.

It is a placement of offers from participating you and companies with affiliate marketers, in return for small fee or percentage of the overall offer itself.

For example, if a dating website is offering $5 for every new member you can get to sign up, the CPA network may keep $1.50 and you may get to keep $3.50.

One you have accepted into a CPA program, you will be given a unique affiliate link. The link identifies you as an affiliate and tracks all your activity, provides you with conversion rates and other information that can help you determine how well your promotional campaigns are doing.

How to be apply to CPA network?

There are literally thousands of CPA networks that provide CPA offers for you to promote. You can go to Google and search for “CPA Networks” and find scads of these types of networks with low barriers to entry.

But the best CPA networks don’t accept every applicant. Because they have something marketers want and need – high-quality CPA offers that convert well and offer high commissions – they can afford to be more selective when it comes to approving applicants.

Don’t worry, I’m going to show you exactly step by step approach to getting accepted into the CPA networks.

Before you apply to any CPA Network is very important that you have a clear understanding of how you will be promoting the offers available within the CPA Network.

Most networks like to work with seasoned veterans within the marketing industry, so it’s going to be important that you do not appear to be a newbie when it comes to marketing.

When you review an application form for a CPA network, you’ll find a listing of the types of promotion that you can select from as your means of promoting the offers. Example:



So, You will have to decide which option you’ll be using to promote the CPA offers.

Since at this stage it’s possible that you do not know which mode you’ll be using. I recommend you select “Banners”, “Text Links”, and “PPC” may be “email” as the options you’ll be using for promoting the CPA offers.

Attention: Do not use a free email address as your mode of contact via email.

Why? Because CPA networks are more likely to reject your application if you use a free email address, such as [email protected] or [email protected].  They want to see that you are a professional who is committed to promoting their offers, not an amateur who is simply sticking their toe in the CPA waters.

So, you have to buy a domain name. But you don’t actually need to create a website. All you need is the domain so you can use it to create the email address the CPA networks require.

If you had a host, it is so good. If not,  you should buy a hosting. I recommend you buy hosting at Goddady.com, Ipage.com,… They will provide a free domain when you buy.

I suggest you create a domain with your own name. For example, if your name is Harry Potter, you should try to buy the domain HarryPotter.com. That way, the email address you will provide to the CPA network would be [email protected] or [email protected].

In the next step, we are going to talk about what to do after you have been approved by a CPA network.

Which offer do you select?

So you’ve gone through and applied to the various CPA networks. The list is very extensive, and may change from time to time since some networks do go out of business or merge.

Let’s first go over the types of offers that you’ll find in the typical CPA Network.

Category One: Email & Zip Submits

This category is of course the easiest to convert but is also the lowest paying option available. You’ll need massive volume to start making substantial money using Zip and Email Submits.

The typical “email submit” will pay you around $1.50 and the typical “zip submit” will pay around $1.20 on average. Those payout rates will vary based on the network.

The easiest offer to convert from my experience is a “zip submit” offers. All the person has to do is submit their zip code into a form field and you are paid. It’s just that simple; of course the issue here is that you need to generate targeted traffic.

Unlike zip submit offers, there is a bit more value in email submits, as even if the person does not go on to continue the offer, at least their email address was captured, and along with agreeing to the privacy policy of the offer, the advertiser now has a new lead that they can market their products and services to.

Category Two: Financial Offers

Most CPA networks will have a section of offers that cater specifically to financial offers. These offers will range from credit scores, credit cards, loans, payday loans and debt relief. These are usually very high paying offers and can be high converting if you target them correctly. Keep in mind these offers do not require the person to purchase anything. These are usually “lead” type offers, so you are basically paid for the person to submit their name, address, telephone number and other information into a form.

Let’s review a few of the types of offers available.

  • Credit Score Offers: With these types of offers, the user has to sign up for a free credit report which includes credit monitoring. You’ll be paid from $15-$20 for every person that signs up for the offer through your affiliate link.
  • Debt Relief Offers: These offers range from $15-25 for every person you refer.
  • Payday Loan Offers: This is perhaps one of the highest paying offers out there right now in the financial section. For instance NeverBlue.com has an offer paying you $42 for every payday loan application. If you can generate enough targeted traffic to such CPA offers you can really make a substantial amount of money.

Category Three: Weight Loss Offers

Everyone is looking to lose weight, shed fat, and basically look better overall. That means that the opportunity to make some serious cash with weight loss related offers is at its peak. People are buying all kinds of offers hoping to reach their weight loss goals.

Weight loss offers will range from $25-35, and usually convert in the 1-5% range.

Category Four: Skin-Care & Anti-Aging

This is a very niche specific category as it usually targets women who are starting to see the effects of age on their skin. The main demographic is women over the age of 45 in most cases.

Category Five: Insurance Related Offers

People are always looking for good deals on insurance. Due to this, this market can also be a good money maker for CPA offers.

In most cases, all that is required is a name, address, email address and telephone number and you are paid for the lead.

The leads for insurance offers ranges from $9 all the way up to $30, it all depends on how much information is needed on the form, and the type of insurance offer.

Ok, I think you understand and choose sort of offer you like.

Next, I will show how to drive traffic to your offers.

How to promote your offer?

The more traffic you can attract, the more conversions you can get, which means the more commissions you can earn. It mean traffic = $$$.

There are some way to get your traffic:

Free traffic

Now you have a domain. You can set up this website to be a blog. I recommend you use WordPress because it is simple and free.

Once you have WordPress setup and installed on your site, you have content for your blog. You can use PLR articles. There are many sites that offer free PLR articles that you can freely download and use on your blog. Most of these sites that offer free PLR articles will request that you signup to their newsletter but it’s a small price to pay for getting free content that you can use for the setup of your blog.

It is some content for people believe and think you are professional.

Next, you will post articles to promote your offers.

  • With Debt Relief Offers, it’s also good to share a personal story. It can be your own story, or a story of a friend. You just need to ensure that it is personable, engaging, and that the end result shows the importance of debt relief. It will be basically your goal to input the importance of debt relief into your visitor’s head that will then lead them into completing your CPA offer.
  • With Payday Loan Offers, you discuss the pros and cons of payday loans and provide tips to the user about ensuring they are approved for the loan, along with tips to get it paid off as quickly as possible. By helping guide the user you are building trust, and they will more than likely sign up with the payday loan that you recommend on your site. It’s about building trust with these offers. Your job is to provide insightful information along with recommending them a good payday loan company.You’ll be paid for every successful application.
  • With Weight Loss Offers and Skin-Care & Anti-Aging, you can post as many tips & tricks as better. It will increase believe for your customer.

This way seems difficult but if you do well you will have your own brand. So you can make money with CPA, Affiliate Marketing and many other methods.

Paid traffic

The usual way is promote via Social Marketing.

Both Facebook and Myspace have developed advertising platforms that now allow you to market your offers to their audience. By opening up their platforms to advertisements people can now target their offers to specific audiences.

With Myspace, you can get started pretty easily at https://advertise.myspace.com

you should first take note that the audience for Myspace tends to be a younger audience, so it may be harder to sell them on actual products where they have to “spend money”. Therefore when going through your CPA offers, it’s best that you focus on offers that match Myspace’s audience.

The same goes for Facebook as well. http://www.facebook.com/advertising/

The link above is for Facebook’s advertising system. You can get started immediately, but there is a delay with the approval system. You have to wait for your ads to be approved by ad manager.

The best way to figure out what types of ads are being accepted on Facebook is to actually log into your Facebook account and review the ads being displayed. It’s very possible that you’ll see a few CPA offers being promoted, and since Facebook is so large, you can directly compete for a piece of the pie by promoting that same offer.

Tips: Your ad should be setup in such a way that it feels like you are talking directly to the person viewing the ad.

Do not make it into a pitch such as “Lose 10lbs in 2 Days” but instead you can say “Are You Struggling To Lose Weight?” This is a more effective title, and in the body of the message you would highlight that you’ve been there as well, and mention that you found a product that worked well for you.

The another way is banner ads and PPC.

With banner ads, you can chose the website or video related your offers. Remember, they have many traffic and good brand.

You ask them you want to put your banner ads (include your affiliate link) on their website. You will paid some money to they help you.

With PPC, you can go to the website such as zero park, go2mobi. You must paid per click you receive via these website.

Trick: Always place your bid two times lower than the offer’s EPC (Earnings per Click)!

Example your offer has EPC is $0.14 you will bid $0.05. It means each click-through your link you will paid $0.05 and earn a profit of $0.09.

In other words, it’s a “can’t lose” situation!


Take the time to go through this article I think you known what is CPA, how to be accepted CPA network and how to earn money with CPA.

So, Once accepted, move forward with selecting campaigns and creating sites based around those campaigns. It’s only when you take initiative that you’ll start seeing results.

I encourage you now to get started and I wish you all the best! I hope you will be a pro CPA marketer!

If you have questions you can comment below. I will try to reply you soon.

Thank you for read my article!

CPA Marketing- What you don’t know about CPA
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